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How to customize a branded golf umbrella?

As an umbrella manufacturer, we understand the importance of having customized and branded products to promote your company or organization. Golf umbrellas are a great accessory to the brand, as they are useful, visible, and popular among golfers and spectators. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of customizing high-quality golf umbrellas with your logo and brand colors.

Choosing Your Umbrella

The first step is selecting the right umbrella for your needs. We offer a variety of styles, including manual open and auto open options. Auto-open umbrellas are convenient for golfers who need to open them quickly when the rain starts. Look for sturdy umbrellas with strong fiberglass or steel shafts that can withstand high winds on the course. Consider the umbrella’s canopy size – standard golf umbrellas range from 60 to 68 inches for good coverage.

Adding Your Logo

Once you’ve chosen the umbrella style, it’s time to make it unique with your logo. We can embroider or screen print your company’s logo onto the umbrella panels in vivid full color. We recommend logos be around 3 inches for good visibility. The logo can go on one panel or be spread across multiple panels. Keep in mind the umbrella folds up, so some of the logo may wrap around the folds.

Picking Brand Colors

Make your umbrellas easily recognizable by selecting your brand’s colors. We can color the umbrella’s panels, tips, and handles to match your company’s colors. Popular golf umbrella color combinations include a white canopy with colored panels and black or wood handles. We can also add colored stitching on the edges or color-coordinated carry cases.

Customized golf umbrellas are a great way to display your brand while providing a useful product to customers and clients. With our wide range of umbrella styles and customization options, we can create the perfect branded umbrellas for your company. Contact us today to get started designing your custom golf umbrellas!

David Su
David Su

Hi, I am David Su, the manager director of Acme Umbrella Co., Ltd. I've already been in umbrella manufacture industry over 16 years. I have a very rich experience for customized umbrella, and the purpose of this article to share with you the knowledge releated to umbrellas from a Chinese suppliers perspective.

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